Aurora, August 2018

My name is Aurora and I volunteered at the Brook Special School for three weeks with my fiancé Robin. We are both very happy for the experience despide the challenges that we had to face at the beginning. The environment and the way of living is completely different from Europe but thanks to the support of Timothy, the director of the school, we could overcome this cultural shock and start appreciating a lot the experience until the end. We were very happy also for our hosting families who made us feeling welcome right from the very first day.

We really enjoyed especially volunteering at the school: the kids are extremely nice and you can really learn from them what it means to overcome your personal limitations and to give your best. We were also impressed from the way that Timothy takes care of them: he really loves them and cares for their future and that’s why he teaches them to take care of themselves and also of others. Thanks to his educational work you can meet very polite kids and you can assist to adorable situations where some kids take care of others by teaching them the basic things like for example helping the autistic children to wash their hands, to brush their teeth, to toilet, ecc… It wasn’t always easy but challenges to overcome are always part of an experience like this and you can really grow and learn a lot even through them. Timothy is a very special and reliable person by which you can also learn a lot. His main goal for each child is to give him/her dignity and re-integrate him/her in the society. That’s why I felt that our main job as volunteers was to understand the abilities within each child and develop them through creative activities. The moment of activities was always the most special part of the day cause it helps you to get closer to the children and discover their potentials. Step by step we could build very special bonds with them that I will never forget!

I really recommend this experience to everyone and if you have any questions to ask feel free to ask to Klemens my contact number or my email! I am really grateful for this experience and I really hope that I can go back to Kenya soon!!!! J  


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